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What are fake emails?

To send and receive emails you usually need a real existing e-mail account, as it is available free of charge from different providers like GMX or Web. de. This means that emails can only be received via the assigned address.

The so-called disposable addresses (also called fake addresses) do not require prior registration and can be used immediately, since they are not real existing mailboxes. They are only virtual addresses and therefore all emails received can be displayed and even deleted for each user on a website. You choose the part of the e-mail address which is in front of the @-symbol freely. Usually, providers offer different domains to choose from.

What problems do disposable emails cause?

Due to the huge amount of advertising emails, fake addresses are becoming increasingly popular. A main purpose of the application is to use email addresses to register with websites.
This means that the address is only used to obtain an access password and is then no longer used. The problems are obvious:

  • Webmasters can't establish customer contact
  • Multiple logons of users are facilitated
  • Risk of abuse due to higher anonymity of users increases

For these reasons, it is advisable to consider blocking such providers when registering on websites.

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